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Applause from our Clients & Vendors

Brett and I want to thank you for all of your hard work and bringing your talent and expertise to making Anne and Jeff's wedding so special. With Anne being a newcomer to Cape Cod, far from family and old friends, it was a great relief to know she was in your hands!
Eva & Brett, Mother of the Bride, Wychmere Harbor, October 2015

Thank you for fitting us in last minute before the wedding. Olivia was a God send…she is wonderful to work with, has a great personality, was calming in the mist of all the planning and made things happen! She help pull together one of the most important days for our family.

Thanks again,
Patricia, Mother of the Bride, Ocean Edge, October 2015

Ben and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an incredible wedding planner/therapist/Cape Cod guru for us! We feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with you; from start to finish you were professional, gracious, patient and most of all really fun! We had such a blast working with you and getting to know you - and we can't wait to get together when we are back on the Cape!
Julie & Ben (Parents of the Bride), Wequassett, September 2015

Credits: Julia Cumes

Olivia - I'm finally catching my breath from an amazing wedding and peaceful honeymoon! Thank you SO much for all of your help to make our special day just what it was... Special! Just knowing you were running the show and had it all covered really made it that much more spectacular. It was everything we ever dreamed of and more! Thank you is simply not enough! Again, Brian and I and our parents are in awe of what you all did to make our wedding day amazing, THANK YOU!!!
Christa & Brian, Popponessett, September 2015

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart on how fantastic you have been through the whole planning process and the actual day. My only regret is that you weren't a guest instead of having to work that night!

The wedding was so special and I am still getting emails and phone calls on how fantastic the wedding was. Most have said it was one of the best they have been to! Everything looked beautiful, from the escort table, the gift table and of course the room itself. The band was amazing and we so lucked out with the weather.

Any time you want a reference I would be honored to write or speak to anyone considering hiring you. You made my job as the MOB very enjoyable. At the wedding itself I really enjoyed myself and Michael did too. I don't think I could have if I didn't know I had you and Kalson taking care of everything!

Again I have appreciated everything you did and thank you!
Pat (Mother of the Bride), Wequassett, September 2015

We cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you did making our wedding just a DREAM. We keep saying how lucky we were to have you - we truly could not have done it the way we wanted to do it without you! Everything went amazingly smoothly - you made sure we didn't have to worry about all of the last minute little details. I just want you to know how much we truly appreciate the time and planning that went into all of it - I know that you went above and beyond!

We also appreciate you making an exception and agreeing to do an off-Cape wedding - I know that it added a bit of logistics and extra travel but I hope that it wasn't too out of your way. I feel so lucky that Bethany connected us - you totally "got us" from day one - humoring our non-traditional requests and answering all of our millions of questions.

We will obviously continue to recommend Cape Cod Celebrations to all of or local friends!
Caitlin & Drew, Westport, MA, August 2015

Stephanie, we want to thank you for such an outstanding job at our daughter's wedding on Saturday. Getting us organized with the timeline was so helpful for planning! I never realized how much planning goes into a wedding. Your professionalism and calm manner was just what we needed throughout the day - especially when it began to rain buckets!! The wedding was everything we'd hoped it to be and we are still basking in the glow! Thank you again!
Lea & Rick (Parents of the Bride), Wequassett, August 2015

Credits: Deborah Zoe

When we hired Cape Cod Celebrations to help us on the day of our daughter's wedding, we had no idea this was going to be our best investment for a beautiful wedding. Stephanie was amazing. She is personally delightful, incredibly professional and definitely the most organized person we've ever met! She was on top of everything (even things we didn't know we had to know). She consistently gave us great advice and guided us down the right path. There was no question or problem that she couldn't handle. It was a beautiful day and if there were problems, we didn't know about them. Thanks so much for helping us with a perfect wedding.
Jean & Steve (Parents of the Bride), Nauticus Marina, June 2015

Bringing Stephanie on may very well be the best decision we made, wedding-wise (besides the decision to get married.) Thank you so much for everything!
Nick & Kate, Chequessett, June 2015

I am not even sure where to start! There is no way that this day could have come together without Stephanie's input and guidance. She was the person I turned to for answers and coordinating and she couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you so much for playing such a big role in our special day!
Katherine & Jonathan, Wychmere, June 2015

Your guidance through the entire process helped us feel confident in our decisions, your suggestions made perceived challenges disappear, and your cool and calm demeanor through the entire process helped keep us (ok...mostly me and my mom) calm with the knowledge that no matter what, you'd make sure we had a perfect day - and we did. You were such a joy to work with from day one. I always looked forward to our phone calls and meetings because you were genuinely as excited about our day as we were - you made us feel like a priority no matter how busy you might have been. I really can't rave enough about you and your entire team.

No matter how much we say, we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made the start of our lives together more than we could have hoped for - that kind of happiness carries you through those tough little patches because you can look back on the wedding day and remember how happy it was - that is the greatest gift you gave us and we will carry it with us forever.
Caroline & Teddy, Highfield Hall, May 2015

John, Caroline & I are so grateful for your help and guidance as we navigated the preparations for Caroline & Teddy's wedding. We could not be more pleased with the weekend - calm, joyful and full of laughter. We will be delighted to serve as enthusiastic testimonials for the organization and fun that you brought to this process.
Mary Anne, Mother of the Bride, Highfield Hall, May 2015

Thank you so much for all that you did to help us get ready for our event last week! I could not have done it without all of your suggestions! You do an excellent job and I'm sure that all of your clients love planning their parties with you. I know that this was a very small event, but I really felt like everything was going to be alright and everything was going to run smoothly becuause I knew you would be there with ideas if something went wrong. I'm so grateful for everything and I hope you know it. I look forward to working with you again soon!
Lauren, Private Party, May 2015

We could not have made it to this day without yor skilled management and guidance and your grace and good humor! We truly appreciate all you've done to help make Courtney & Caleb's wedding day a magical event!
Kim, Mother of the Bride, Chatham Bars Inn, April 2015

Credits: Arsmagna

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your hard work over this weekend for us. Our wedding was absolutely perfect and it was everything we could have asked for! I was so relaxed on my wedding day and I fully owe that to you!!!
Mollie, Chatham Bars Inn, November 2014

We just wanted to thank you so, so much for all of your help leading up to and on the day of the wedding. We truly could not have done it without you. You were such a calming, positive presence. The day was absolutely perfect and everything went off without a hitch. We were both truly able to enjoy the entire day without worrying about details or timing - and that is completely attributed to how organized you were and how well run everything was.

I can remember one moment where the photographer suggested we go down to the beach because it wasn't raining very hard anymore. I was in a complete fog and wasn't thinking very clearly - and you quietly reminded me that the ground was very wet so I should probably bustle my dress. I never anticipated not being able to think straight on the day of the wedding - so I really appreciate you thinking for me!

Thanks again for everything. If you ever need a reference for a perspective client, we would be more than happy to give you a glowing review!
Hannah & Andrew, Chatham Bars Inn, October 2014

I have no doubt that Hannah and Andrew's wedding would not have been such a huge success without your guidance and expertise. You gave prompt, knowledgeable advice throughout the planning process; though Hannah and I are both pretty resourceful, your expertise was invaluable. There was no question that you did not have an answer to. But the help you provided on the actually wedding weekend was truly remarkable. You were calm but cheery and had your eye on everything that was going on. From reassigning my husband's pocket square before we walked down the aisle to making sure we got to see the reception set-up before the guests arrived - you had everything covered. It was great peace-of-mind to be able to kick back and enjoy the party. There is nothing that did not go smoothly - even the weather did not matter because we were all having such a good time. Many thanks!
Jenny & Dick, Parents of the Bride, Chatham Bars Inn, October 2014

I know Kristen likely mentioned this numerous times before, but from me personally, can I just say what a pleasure it is working with you? Really can't express enough gratitude. The level of professionalism you bring in still such a candid, approachable way is something that resonates with what we do greatly. Stephanie working with you as well was just the icing on the cake (not meant to be a wedding pun, I swear.)
Joe Navas, Organic Photography

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding everything I could have imagined. From our crazy families to the detailed time line - you had everything planned to the last detail and it means the world to us. I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know getting married on the Cape. Thank you!
Jenna & John, Chatham Bars Inn, September 2014

Thank you for everything you did for Nick and I on our wedding day!! You went above and beyond from what I expected and you had to deal with the rain on top of that. Thank you for making our day perfect!! If you ever need to use me as a reference, just let me know! Thank you again for your service and helping make the day so memorable!
Brenna & Nick, Overbrook House, September 2014

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Not only did you help keep Fred and I organized, but you were an important part of our special day. Without you, I'm not sure it would have gone as smooth as it did! We are so thankful for all your insight, organization, and help throughout the planning and at the wedding itself. You were an absolute pleasure and we couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for everything, hopefully Fred and I weren't too difficult to work with! I know that you made both my life and my mothers life a bit easier the past few months, and I appreciate it!
Christine, Captain Linnell House, August 2014

I just wanted to thank you Ashley, for making our wedding absolutely perfect! It all came together brilliantly. We were so happy with everything. Thank you so much!
Nina and Devin, Wellfleet Preservation Hall, August 2014

I just wanted to follow up and thank you so much for your help with our wedding! A big thank you as well to the rest of the group that were involved in helping make the day a success. We sincerely appreciated all your help on the day, and in the lead up to it! Everything felt seamless, so thanks again. We were very happy with your services and would love to leave a positive message about using your services for future engaged couples.
Louise, Cape Cod Museum of Art, August 2014

Just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to make this weekend go so smoothly both in the months beforehand and in the days leading up to. You were absolutely amazing and helped put any anxieties we had to ease with your calming presence. I know there were a lot of moving pieces so thank you for your energy, patience, and help with making sure everything fit together. I couldn't believe how beautifully and smoothly everything came together the day of - who knew so much went into making a wedding happen?! We truly could not have done any of it without you so thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!
Tanya & Stu, Private Home, August 2014

Credits: Emilie Inc.

I'm so sorry it's taken us this long to get around to our 'thank yous' - but we owe you the biggest one! Jamie - thank you for all your time, support and amazing event planning skills to allow us to pull off the wedding of our dreams! We could not, could not have done it without you. You and Olivia made the process so much fun and streamline - there was never a worry you couldn't help calm me and I always knew - from our very first meeting - we were in good hands. In fact, I think my mom may have even cried that very meeting! You truly have a gift at listening and helping bring together a vision. I will forever be grateful having you as a planner (and now as a friend) and being such a huge part of our wedding (and wedding week).
Molly & Matt, Chatham, July 2014

Caleb and I and literally everyone else cannot stop talking about how exquisite our wedding was! No regrets! Caleb has renamed you the wedding ninja! You handled everything and we never really saw you. You were a blessing to us, Jamie, and so easy to work with. Our wedding party loved you too! I can't thank you enough really! I'll be writing rave reviews any and everywhere!
Tiffani, White Elephant Nantucket, July 2014

I wanted to thank you for everything you did for the entire family the past year. You were a godsend and helped to pull off a perfect wedding weekend! I know you had to deal with a ton of emotion and you kept your cool – and that made a world of difference.
Marc, Father of the Groom, June 2014

Honestly, I don't know how we would have done this without you! Your advice and suggestions were very helpful during the planning process. It made me feel like I had a knowledgeable local friend, something especially reassuring since we don't live on the Cape. And I can't thank you enough for recommending Abigail—I wouldn't have found her without you, and she was such a gem! She really helped crystallize a vision of the day's whole aesthetic.

I can honestly say that I really didn't worry about anything on the day of the wedding, and that's largely because of you and Bridget. You anticipated and improvised and made changes where necessary, and it all went so beautifully that I was able to really be in the moment and focus on Brett, family, and friends—all the fun stuff! Looking through the photos of all the moments and things I didn't see really hit home how important you both were to the smooth operation of the day, and for that I am eternally grateful. You had bases covered that I wasn't even aware of! And you approached everything with such a calm, confident, upbeat spirit! Thanks again for all of your work!
Lisa & Brett, Provincetown, June 2014

Thank you so very much for all of your efforts on making our big celebration go smoothly and extra special. You have been amazing to work with - we appreciate everything!
Erin & Darren, CBI, May 2014

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect because of you - we could never have done it without you. Rest assured that we will do our best to make the internet world well aware of how wonderful you are.
Andeas & Cat, March 2014

Credits: Thulson Design

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your efforts that culminated in an unbelievable wedding that far surpassed our expectations. The guests were really wowed by the results. Your creativity, organization and attention to detail resulted in a truly magical evening. The ceremony was amazing! There was a windsurfer in the background and an unplanned jet fly over at just the right time.

I don't want to forget the charming decor at the GAR Hall. Another memorable event. Better than we had imagined it. If at some point we can be a reference for you don't hesitate to ask. No one could have done it better.
Joanne & Tony, Parents of the Bride, September 2013

When I got engaged last March and my fiancé and I decided on a destination wedding on the Cape, I quickly realized that planning an out-of-state wedding would be a challenge. With the Cape being a popular destination spot, there are countless vendors and it can be difficult to determine which ones are trustworthy AND which ones are within my budget. I was so lucky to have found Jamie to help me with the process. Jamie told me about her Jump-Start Planning package that would give me one month of emails and three hours of in-person or over-the-phone consultations. Jamie recommended vendors that were within my budget and I have been beyond pleased with the level of professionalism from all of them. Jamie has been a part of my entire planning process and has been my sounding board for ideas, which has helped to ease my mind on the decisions that I've made. Having a local person that knows the business has literally saved me hours of time and a great deal of money. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone that is planning their wedding; she helps to make the process fun and eliminates a lot of the stresses that come with planning your own wedding.
Holly, September 2013

Thank you for helping make 2013 such an amazing year for us! We could not have had such a beautiful, fun, peaceful, awesome celebration without your help! Here is to a fabulous 2014!
Johanna & Paul, Private Home, August 2013

Credits: Lara Kimmerer

Wahoo!! Congratulations on a beautiful, seamless, fun wedding weekend! I loved working with you and your team and was so impressed with how you managed every step of the process. Can't wait to share the images!
Emilie Inc. Photography

What can I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you. I still am in awe over how our wedding day was, it was better than imagined. We could not have pulled this off without you. You saved me from stress from beginning to end. Your command and management of the day was incredible. Paul still talks about how awesome your management was. We cannot thank you enough.
Tracey, August 2013

Thank you for all that you do! I could not imagine planning our wedding without you. You are truly indispensable. Thank you for making it easy!
Maureen, July 2013

I can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding weekend so unforgettable. You really went above and beyond our expectations and I started crying when we opened your gift!! Thank you so much for everything!
Molly, June 2013

Credits: Studio 280

Nancy loved working with you- I believe she said you were amazing to work with. She manages our more difficult or VIP events and she said you made her job easy. It seems to me that you are good at the design side of event planning and are also good at the event execution. We would love to recommend you to any bride that wants a event planner/day of coordinator.
Laura, Cosmo's Catering

You did a wonderful job of putting our family outing together. Everyone, without exception (and that's saying a lot) had a great time. They all were blown away by how well all the activities were planned and put together. The whole pace of the weekend was perfect. The boat trip to Monomoy was great but the highlight was the dinner at Sesuit Harbor Café. The contrast between the chaotic scene they saw when they first arrived to the incredible food when they got to the meal was amazing. Although they liked everything, the Saturday dinner at Sesuit was the favorite.

The children in particular liked the gift bags. They wore their bracelets all weekend, and the boys had a ball flying their kites in the strong winds. Good choices on both counts.

Thanks again for your help and guidance. You put together a perfect weekend for our family.
Eli, June 2013

I could not be happier with the way everything turned out! All the vendors you recommended did a fabulous job. I literally did not lift a finger. Mandee did everything that was needed and was so pleasant. The food was delicious, the flowers were perfect. It was just a wonderful day! I heard nothing but compliments from my guests! Thank you for making a special day so much more special!!!
Ruthann, June 2013

We had the good fortune to find Jamie by a referral from the management of our cape golf course. Our club manager had heard of Jamie and recommended that we get in touch with her to help us with several summer events. Both mine and my husband's schedules were already tightly booked, and we needed someone to help us put together an interesting 5-day event for us and three couples who would be spending an extended weekend with us on Cape Cod.

Jamie did a great job! We met with her in person one time and then everything else was handled by email. Jamie was inventive. For example, she located an aquaculture farmer who raises oysters in a two-acre "grant" in Eastham, MA. He was both knowledgeable and extremely personable. Our group walked away from that two-hour experience with a fascinating education on the aquamarine farming of oysters as well as the memorable experience of eating oysters fresh from the grant on a Cape Cod Bay beach at sunset! Additionally, Jamie found us a chef for a dinner at home, made restaurant reservations, confirmed them, offered suggestions and implemented those we selected for our group.

With the success of this event, I confidentially relied on Jamie to help me once again. Another group of friends, this time long-time girlfriends, are arriving on the Cape this August. I asked Jamie to work out the details and arrangements for our three-day "island hopping" event. She did not let me down! Between B & B websites, ferry schedules, and touring, Jamie helped me put together another "custom" event.

Both my husband and I highly recommend Jamie for her efficiency, creativity, and attention to detail -- all of which she accomplishes with a delightful attitude and a "can do" philosophy!
Barbara & Jack, June 2013

Our dream was to do all our own planning and work really hard up until our wedding day but on the day of we just wanted to be guests and that is exactly what happened thanks to you and Ashley. You really took the time to get to know us and our vision and unlike other coordinators I had interviewed, it was clear through our conversations that you respected our plans and decisions and just wanted to help us realize them on the big day. It was truly amazing. I wanted to let you know that we seriously could not be happier with Ashley. I sort of get upset thinking about what would have happened if she hadn't been there, we put so much hard work into our wedding and Ashley was such an integral part in making everything run smoothly and taking care of anything that happened to come up. She worked really really hard! As a fellow hard worker I really appreciate when people have an impeccable work ethic and don't know if I've met a harder worker than Ashley. I envisioned that having Ashley around would be great because when things came up I could just go to her and she could facilitate it, but it was way better than that, she anticipated most things that came up and anything else, the vendors went directly to her so Andrew and I didn't even have to do anything!
Corinne, Overbrook House, September 2012

It was a pleasure working with you, you're a real pro. Thanks for taking such good care of us.
Pat, Soul City Band

Thank you so much for making Kerry and Rob's wedding flow so smoothly. Rick and I had a wonderful time knowing that the wedding plans were being coordinated by you. Thanks again for making their day perfect and giving us peace!
Joan, Mother of the Bride, New Seabury, September 2012

Thank you for all your help on the day. It was the best, best day - even though we weren't quite sure that it would all come together, it did, and it did so perfectly!!
Carin & Billy, Private Home in Harwich, August 2012

Jamie and her team were an absolute joy to work with on Nantucket. She is one of the most easy-going planners we have met. It was a delight to be around such an organized, detailed, accommodating, and relaxed team of professionals. Every wedding should be as stunning and go as smoothly!
Keith Soucy, Maple Loft Studios

Pre-wedding: Oh my gosh...every single day that goes by where I am drowning (and very overwhelmed) with wedding stuff, I am SO thankful that I have you as my coordinator! BEST DECISION EVER! When I start to feel stressed out about the day, I remind myself that my magical wedding fairy planner will be there and I don't feel worried anymore! I will continue to thank you probably for the next year too!

Post-wedding: There are seriously no words that could possibly express how amazing our wedding day was and I definitely attribute much of that to you! Both Joe and I were able to relax after a stressful few weeks tying up loose ends and making sure everything was in place! I haven't felt more relaxed in a long time and I just knew that everything would be perfect despite the rain! You have a serious talent and I am SO happy that we made the decision to have you help us along the way! It wouldn't have been the same without you and I stick to my word that if was the best investment of the entire wedding!
Hannah, Private home in Mattapoissett, August 2012

Thanks again for everything. Ashley was so great! I am going to recommend her to everyone I know. I am so glad that she was there.
Katrine, Chatham Bars Inn, July 2012

The memories we have from our wedding day are nothing short of magical and will last a lifetime - thank you for the important part you played in making it so special!
Tania & Jeff, The Sea View, July 2012

Credits: Hike Photography

A wedding coordinator like Jamie is the best investment you can make! She helped to coordinate everything including picking up the last-minute stationary items, tying bows and arranging plants, setting up the DJ and steel drummer, working with our videographer to make sure he was all set, making the sure all the guys were dressed and ready, getting us all out the door for pictures on time, delivering final payments, making sure my husband and I took some time to eat, collected our personal items to go home with us, and she helped to capture some really cool sparkler pictures with our photographers… she did everything and most importantly, made sure my husband and I had the day of our dreams. Jamie is one cool, calm, efficient, professional and absolutely amazing wedding planner and we are so glad that were lucky enough to work with her and happy to have a new friend! Thank you Cape Cod Celebrations!!
Christine & Liam, Sea Crest, June 2012

You're simply the best! No words would do justice to your help - here's to a day of magic, joy and so much behind-the-scenes work on your part I can hardly fathom.
Elizabeth, Wellfleet Preservation Hall, June 2012

Thank you very much for your help, insight and contacts. Our wedding was beyond our wildest dreams and one of the best days of our lives. Cape Cod Celebrations was instrumental in executing our vision. We would be delighted to act as a reference on your behalf and would recommend your services to anyone getting married on the Cape.
Melissa & Don, Coast Guard Beach, June 2012

You are unbelievable! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!! We are so appreciative of your tireless efforts to manage all the details, logistics and your graceful versatility to ensure our day was PERFECT and SPECIAL. You are truly a master at your craft and exceeded all of our expectations. My friends, family, SEAN and I are sooo appreciative of you and your team. Thank you for all of your referrals and time. I will miss working with you and had the time of life! THANK YOU!
Karen & Sean, Ocean Edge, May 2012

Credits: Ralph Alswang

We simply couldn't have done it without Jamie! She's organized, smart, fun and a pleasure to work with. Look no further!
Holly & Nancy, Cape Cod Museum of Art, May 2012

Thank you again for everything! It was amazing working with you and I look forward to working with you again soon!
Jodi, Crazy Chefs

Working with Cape Cod Celebrations was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We worked with Jamie's assistant, Ashley, who was attentive and experienced. She took the time to meet with us prior to the wedding to make sure she knew our vision for the day and asked what she could do to help make it come true. The day of the wedding she not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. Her help that day was an invaluable addition to our wedding and we couldn't have had the flawless ceremony and reception that we did without her. In short, Ashley was amazing! Thank you Cape Cod Celebrations!
Bethany & Brian, Ocean Edge, October 2011

Your calm and organized nature made the day a breeze, and we couldn't have done it without you! If we have anymore Cape brides, we'll send them your way!
Adare & Patrick, Chatham Bars Inn, August 2011

What an amazing night! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding...and thanks to you, everything was beyond our expectations. Thanks so much for everything you did!
Teal, Mother of the Bride, August 2011

Thank you so much for all of your help planning our wedding! Our wedding day was perfect thanks to you and Ashley. We are so appreciative!
Erin & Jesse, Ocean Edge, July 2011

Credits: KML Photography

Credits: Cook Photography

I don't have a clue what people do without a wedding planner. I think that is where weddings that have difficulties take place. You were like a mother, taking care of her children, guiding us through every step. Well, you are a mom, this is just mothering adults! I also want to thank you for the vendor recommendations. Everyone we dealt with was professional, friendly, easy to talk to, and simply good people, and excellent at what they do. So many people with kind hearts make for a very happy wedding.
Nancy, Mother of the Bride, June 2011

Thank you so much for everything! I think you will agree the wedding was fabulous - we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and I'm certain it wouldn't have run so smoothly without your help.
Nikita & Laura, Cape Cod Museum of Art, May 2011

Credits: Julia Cumes

I hired Jamie Bohlin to help me plan my October 2010 wedding. She was the single best investment I made. Jamie was an integral part of ensuring that our wedding went off without any problems. She made me feel confident all of the planning that had occurred up until that point would be implemented perfectly so that I could concentrate on enjoying a day that I will always remember. I can't imagine what I would have done without her.
Erin & Eric, Popponesset, October 2010

We had a fantastic time and we know in part that was because we knew we could just enjoy ourselves trusting that you would keep us on schedule throughout. We had so much fun working with you - and Tom, my mom and I all believe that having you as part of our planning team was the best decision we made!!
Elizabeth & Tom, Chatham Bars Inn, October 2010

What can I say? You have been endlessly cheerful and enthusiastic. Your honesty & thoughtfulness are always appreciated. You are full of creative ideas. But this is also a "people" profession & you are patient & kind. You could not have been more wonderful at every stage of our planning. With many thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Tina, Mother of the Bride, October 2010

We could not have had such a perfect day without you. It's so frightening to think at one point we we planning to do it ourselves. We had so much fun because we didn't have to worry about anything!
Jackie & Greg, Chatham Bars Inn, October 2010

"I want to thank you so much for all you did and all your help. You have no idea what a help you were and how relaxed I felt to have you there. Everything was perfect though and in some ways I am sorry not to have another daughter!
MaryBeth, Mother of the Bride, The Sea View, September 2010

I just have to thank you for making this night just SO, SO, SO amazing. It was absolutely perfect and everything we were hoping for!!! You made it all so easy for us and you were so much fun to work with.
David & Seth, Chatham Bars Inn, August 2009

Thank you so much for everything! We could not have done it without you!
Mary Beth, Mother of the Bride, August 2009

Andy & I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to help us plan & execute a wonderful May wedding in Chatham! Right down to having the early morning fog burn off at just the right moment, you thought of everything.
Kate & Andy, Chatham Bars Inn, May 2009

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on the wedding. It was such a magical experience and really beyond perfect for Alex and me.
Alex & Honora, At Home Event, June 2008

Just wanted to say 'thank you, thank you' for all your much appreciated care you've bestowed upon us.
Dixie, Mother of the Bride, May 2008

Credits: George Martell

Everything went perfectly, as you know, and we wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much for everything you did to make the day come together so well.
Matt & Alicia, Chatham Bars Inn, September 2007

Throughout the planning process, every one of my requests, big and small, has been addressed and handled in a timely and respectful manner - and more importantly, made less stressful thanks to Jamie's sense of humor and poise.
Tracy, July 2007

It is very comfortable working with you. That is so important as Johanna's wedding approaches. You obviously know what is 'up'.
Rosemarie, July 2007

Thanks for everything. We really appreciate your steady 'go to' attitude and your 'can do' demeanor. You're the best.
Katie & Mary, May 2007

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and a job very well done by you. You really exceeded my expectations.
Brian, December 2006

You are the best! Thanks for all you did for us...it could not have been a better day.
Jilanne, November 2006

I wanted to thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the planning of my wedding. I think you're fantastic and having your help made this so much easier for us.
Nika, November 2006

Just a note to say, once again, a huge thank you. We knew our wedding day's smooth running, thoughtful details and calm atmosphere was down to you. We really enjoyed working with you as you understood what we were trying to achieve and went about it in such a confident and easy manner.
Rachael & Joe, October 2006