From time to time​ we get asked the question:
"What is the difference between you and the venue/catering manager assigned to me?".
To answer this question, we thought it would be best to reach out to some of our past
clients and let them offer you their take on it, as their answers speak a lot more to what your actual experience will be throughout your planning process.

Why did you hire a wedding planner when you knew you had a catering manager on site?    

Client #1 - I knew I would want someone doing more to assist me (full wedding planner) with planning than just things related to the venue (catering manager). Also, I was not designated a catering manager until well into the planning process, so the wedding planner had most things completed by the time the catering manager even came into our picture.

Client #2 - The day of my wedding there were so many more moving pieces beyond what a catering manager could have helped me with. My wedding guests have repeatedly told me that I was “the most relaxed bride they had ever seen” which I credit almost entirely to the trust I had in my planner. 

​Client #3 - Catering managers are helpful for the run of schedule on site, but we had many other pieces to cover, the biggest being the full schedule of the day to account for getting ready and the church ceremony. We also liked the idea of having an expert in our court who was well versed in all things wedding related vs. the specific venue and food options.

Client #4 - We hired a Day Of coordinator, but she was involved much more than just the Day Of. She assisted with a lot of the coordination and organization related to the venue as the venue we chose was only for the space (kitchen and bathrooms). The catering manager was great at handling all the catering related activities but the caterer wasn’t going to help us figure out how to do a ceremony or figure out what to do when all our escort cards started to blow all over the place (who knew she carries double sided tape?). It was so great to have someone else take care of all those details that, despite all our planning, we didn’t even know about.

How was your experience with your planner different than the one with your assigned catering manager?  

Client #1 - Our planner was so much more involved in all aspects of the entire planning process and the catering manager came into the picture very late in the game. Our wedding planner knew every single vendor, when I needed to pay them, all deadlines for every detail and so much more. Our catering manager was really only related to things that were involved with the actual wedding day (i.e food choices, ceremony flow, etc.) and we met with him only a few times throughout the entire planning process.

Client #2 - A day of coordination or catering manager is helpful for logistics around some things but in my experience with friends, there is not as much of an intimate relationship there as you don’t have as much access to them throughout the planning process and they are less attuned to your needs as a planner will be.

Client #3 - We built a personal relationship with our planner….one that was very different than our catering manager. Though our wedding planner was involved in many weddings at the same time, it didn’t feel like it. The attention we got from the catering manager felt a bit more like a business transaction than a relationship we could bounce ideas of off. Our catering manager wasn’t nearly as engaged and attentive as our wedding planner.

Client #4 - Our planner was focused on all the details and organization of the wedding, including a timeline starting the month before the wedding, coordinating vendor arrival and breakdown, seating plans, transportation, ceremony logistics etc. We had much more contact with the planner than the catering manager, as she jumped in and coordinated with the catering manager. ​

Why would you recommend hiring a planner?

Client #1 - There is not enough paper in the world to answer this question, but my wedding planner was “my person” throughout my wedding planning and as I write this I get teary-eyed because of the amount of time and effort she put in to ensuring that I was stress-free and happy. Any question that I had about what to do or what it would look like, she had a photo or an example and if I wanted a second option, she provided it. If it did not exist, she created it. 

Client #2 - Having a planner made the whole wedding weekend feel like it was part of a cohesive vision. She helped us decide how to tie each piece together and also kept us on track with timing and decision making. 

Client #3 - In talking with recently engaged friends, hiring a planner is the #1 recommendation I have. What people don’t understand is that with a planner, your roles and responsibilities as the bride or groom don’t go away. You’re simply able to make well informed and clear-headed decisions in a way you might not otherwise be able to do if you were bogged down with trying to keep all priorities straight. 

Client #4 - You want to concentrate on having fun, enjoying one another's company, and not worrying if the bathroom has enough hand soap, if the band has another cable because they forgot one, or if the cake hasn't arrived. Hiring a planner also allowed my family (Hi Mom!) and wedding party to enjoy the day as they didn't have to worry about those issues either. I didn't originally think we would hire a planner. As we got further along in the planning process it made total sense to hire a planner since our venue was a blank canvas. She got us organized and established timelines and schedules that we didn’t even realize we needed. The process would have been extremely overwhelming without her. ​

What was most valuable about having a planner?

Client #1 - Her advice, connections, organization, and the capability to not have to worry about anything wedding related during my time at work with my patients and at home with my fiancé. I actually enjoyed the planning process and always knew she was taking care of everything even if I was not. 

Client #2 - The relationship and the trust that came with it. She always had a creative solution and helped me think through things clearly. She was a part of our family for the year of planning and all of us, parents and couple included, knew she had our backs.  

Client #3 - The day of wedding organization was key. We didn’t have to worry about a thing on the wedding day, as our planner was specifically laser focused on making sure everything ran smoothly. If I had to pick one thing, it would be the day of coordination.

Client #4 - She was so knowledgeable (about everything) and had really thoughtful answers to our questions. She took away the stress—she was so calm and confident that we knew this would all come together. It was so much fun to watch her just take over.

What would you tell a bride or groom who is deciding to
have a wedding planner or not?

Client #1 - DO IT!!!! It will be the best decision you make (other than marrying your significant other, but I would even say hiring our planner is up there with marrying my husband!) DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

Client #2 - Having a planner is an additional expense so I totally understand the hesitation. But at the end of the day, the most valuable part of the wedding experience was the ability to be fully present and enjoy every moment without anxiety or fear or something going wrong. Not only will a planner help you do that but you’ll also have a fun and meaningful experience leading up to the day itself because you’ll have a true partner and guide. If you can afford it, do it. Don’t even think twice!!!!

Client #3 - 100% recommend! Having a planner helps streamline and organize the wedding planning process, and helps alleviate a bit of the stress of making sure you think of every detail. I feel like I enjoyed the planning process 100x more than I would have if I didn’t have someone to help guide us.

Client #4 - Hire a planner. You will not regret it! Even though a lot of time goes into planning a wedding, the actual celebration itself is short. No matter how hard you try to stay calm, there is a lot of stress around your wedding. A wedding planner will help you stay on track during the planning process and take care of anything unexpected day of, so you can make the most of that time with family and friends. It was the best decision we made!

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