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How to Choose a Wedding Florist on Cape Cod

When planning your wedding there are many different vendors you have to research, talk to and book – a florist being one of them.  Florists usually range from a more affordable option such as a supermarket to a higher end professional florist and everything in between.  As there are so many ways to research and find your florist – there are also a number of different factors to consider when choosing your florist.  Check out our list below of topics to consider when finding your florist on Cape Cod.

Your budget should be considered when you are looking into any of your vendors, but when finding your florist it is always a good idea to have a number in mind of what you expect to spend on your flowers.  If you present that number to your florist ahead of time it can be easier for them to recommend certain flowers, bouquets and centerpieces that would fit in your price range.

Past Weddings
Most florists will have hundreds of photos they can show you of past weddings they have done.  Really look through their website and social media accounts to see that they have done pieces that fit your vision.  If you are looking to go a bit outside the box, be sure you see photos in their portfolio that are fun and different, which shows you that they can really accept any challenge and are not always working with roses and hydrangeas!

Work with Your Vision
As I mentioned briefly above, you want to make sure that the florist you choose is willing to work with you on your vision and can already ensure you that what you are picturing in your head will be your final product.  Ask if they can show you something similar to what you want to do – either in photos or with flowers they may have on hand.  

When booking any vendor for your wedding, be sure that you enjoy their personality.  You will be in contact with them many times throughout the whole process so you want to make sure you enjoy having conversations with them!  You also want to make sure you feel that they are invested in you and that you can trust them to do their job.  Also be sure they show confidence that they can get the job done!

Know Flowers and Alternatives
When you start to look for your flowers on pinterest or instagram and on other wedding websites, you may find yourself in love with tulips, but with a September wedding it may not work out.  Be sure that when you meet with a florist and you tell them what flowers you are envisioning that they can tell you if they will be in season on your wedding date.  And if not, they should be able to tell you alternatives for those flowers that would still be beautiful, but would save you money!  You usually can get most any flowers at any time of year, but it depends on if they can get the flowers locally or if they have to shop them in from around the world!

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