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GATT : Season 2, E7 | DJ Danny Walsh

Episode 7 of the second season of our IGTV series is LIVE! Gather Around the Table with the one and only DJ Danny Walsh!
This mild mannered, laid back guy by day is a smooth talkin’, beats droppin’ DJ for weddings and events by night (or day if your wedding is early!)! DJ Danny Walsh is a highly sought after DJ on the Cape & Islands and the South Shore, with 25+ years of DJing and weddings under his belt. While working with Danny on creating the perfect musical backdrop to your wedding day, you can expect to to feel at ease and have a definite laugh along the way! (He’s got jokes!) But above all else…his love of music is totally evident!
Make sure to listen in at 2 minutes where Danny lets us in on the song he would rather not hear at a wedding again! #maybeskipthelinedance

Shout out to Designs by Katie Mae for our logo and Botanique for the florals!
Gather Around the Table is brought to you Harborview Studios, Cape Cod Celebrations
​and True North Event Rentals.

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